In the morning. At night. During the day. Once. Twice. All day. Eyes closed. Eyes open. With or without socks on. In bed. Under the bed. In the kitchen. In the lift. Under a tree. In a tree. In a car. In a hurry. Real slow. Fantastic. Mediocre. First time. Last time. Forever.

SX. is a project about sex. The beauty of. Reality of and truth.

We wish to celebrate something real in this world of 'easily changed into only outer form', in this world of ideas, words and concepts where the real people struggle to find its place in all its glory and imperfectness.
I hope we will keep living and fail, fail, fail - to be human and not some conceptual puppets performing at the strings of what the media and news tries to impose on us.
I hope we will keep searching, experiencing, trying, getting it wrong and try again.
I hope we will.

Amen and Hallelujah



Schuijt&Stokholm. is an artistic collaboration between Orfee Schuijt and Leela May Stokholm. Orfee draws. Leela writes. Together they collect sex memories from friends, family and strangers. With their continuously growing collection they trace to put our most individual and intimate memories into one collective body.

The humoristic, absurd and poetic drawings and texts created and inspired by these memories lay themselves and the human species literally naked in our most human attempt to meet, find and explore another as well as ourselves. Sometimes hilarious, some times sad but always recognisable and human.

Orfee Schuijt (F/NL) is a professional dancer with dark brown hair, big eyes and two feet. She often has holes in her teeth. She was born in Menton, grew up in the south of France under figs trees. Her father is Dutch and lives in France and her mother is French and lives in Holland. Orfee lives in Amsterdam but often travels all over the world.

Leela May Stokholm (DK/E) is a professional theatre maker and performer with green/blue/brown eyes, a nose and two brain halves. She also often has holes in her teeth. She was born in India, grew up in Kopenhagen/Denmark, her mother is English, her last name seems Swedish and she now lives in Amsterdam. She has painted her own bike blue.

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