Schuijt&Stokholm. continuously creates new material. Every time we exhibit we collect new memories, from which new material is made.
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Expo 2012

Curiosa-, antiek-, kunst- en designmarkt, IJhallen NDSM, Amsterdam 22-01-2012

Expo 2011

Easy Sunday III, Plantage Doklaan, Amsterdam 02-10-2011

Together with several other visual and performing artists showing their work in progress, experiments and more, we exhibited our work and collected more sex memories. There were new drawings and texts and also two new short animation films. Leela opened the exhibition with the live performance of our very first SX song...


Melkweg, 03-09-2011

From 00.00- 03.00 we exhibited and collected memories at the pop podia Melkweg in Amsterdam. It was a cultural manifest evening, as well as a regular saturday night fever dance your ass off big time party night. It was a very different experience. But fun!


Eddie the Eagle Shopping Center / Magna Plaza, Amsterdam 06-2011

A month long organized by Eddie the Eagle Museum we together with 60 artists exhibited in the many empty shops in the shopping centre Magna Plaza. And created for the visitors a very different shopping experience. With the artistic duo Les Avant Nu, we shared a shop on the ground floor we renamed Juicy Details. We collected memories on our Memory exchange wall with the ‘take and leave’ concept (leave a memory and take a free memory in exchange). Also we sold our small books and postcards.

Nuit Blanche Amsterdam in Magna Plaza 18-06-2011

During the magical night festival spread all over in and under Amsterdam we were located in the Magna Plaza with our exhibition, special cosy collecting sex memories corner and sold lots of postcards and got tons of new memories to make new material from. Cool!


Monsteren! Theater Kikker, Utrecht 02-05-2011

Monsteren! is an evening full of theatrical experiment and test case showings for a small and critical audience in Theater Kikker. We were invited to show what we were busy with and we were curious how our project would fit in a live stage setting. Beaming our texts and drawings on the wall as a backdrop Leela together with the guest performer Valentina Campora performed as ‘dry’ as they could. The audience was enthusiastic and it asked for more. In the future we will work on with the live performance aspect.


Queens’ day Amsterdam 30-04-2011

Queens’ day. You have to experience it once. It is orange, noisy and the streets and canals are full of people. No cars. Just people walking. And the markets of course. Cause everyone can make their own market on this day. Sell anything they want. Old things. New things. Useless things. Orange things. We sold sex memories. Our cards, drawings and little books. And we collected new memories from people. New material. New experience. It was fun!


Ada Breedveld Galerie, Amsterdam 23 & 24-04-2011

Our first exhibition! A weekend long Ada Breedveld let us fill her gallery with our work - drawings, texts, memories and small books. We served wine and libido strengthening fruit... Our guest enjoyed our work immensely and made us decide definitely to go one with our project!

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